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December 1, 1993

Ken Saro-Wiwa

Maynooth University Ken Saro-Wiwa Archive.


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Lagos, Nigeria


Sr. Majella,

I read your notes with great pleasure. I’m sorry to hear about the illness of your mum. I hope she recovers. Please keep putting your thoughts on paper. Who knows how we can use them in future. The Ogoni story will have to be told!

Can I please prevail on you to send the attached envelope through your special courier to London? I’ll be most grateful.[1]

There’s a lot for us to discuss. I’m in Lagos again next week Wednesday. We must please meet either Wednesday evening or early Thursday. I expect to return to Port Harcourt on Friday.

God’s blessing,
Ken Saro-Wiwa.



  1. McCarron often asked friends who were travelling to post letters from outside Nigeria as the Nigerian postal system was sometimes unreliable.


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